Call yourself a professional lawyer but why Bersih 2.00

PM stressed the importance of becoming professional lawyers instead of being irrational ones. Being a lawyer in a developing country like here in Malaysia isn’t easy, and becoming any professional in whatever field also demands huge responsibility for so-called “the duty of care” to the public, clients and to the society at large. It isn’t the money worth or a fee a professional shall look into before carrying out his duty of care to the public at large but also some meaningful add-value to the justice and the social stability should also become a main consideration.

It’s interesting to view how this isn’t been the case when we gather information about our lawyers. There are lawyers who run away with client’s money and there are lawyers charged with murders. Of course there are always black sheep in all classes of professionals but lawyers, as we have seen in the news, front in all kinds of misadventure of late.  The government is right to splash lawyers with a daring question for them in performing the duty of care to the public as well, instead of being irrational such as forging ahead with illegal  Bersih 2.00.

Perhaps, the government now should look into the plight of all lawyers in this country and see whether there are new improvements that can be implemented in the current system of registration of professional lawyers in this country and to place the duty of care to the public as the main ethical value before being admitted as a professional lawyer.

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