Ibrahim Ali’s thought on Ant Nohwar’s Munkar Nakir Q&A time.

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MN: “Ma Rabuuka

A: “Wait a second boss, look, I protest to how in the world could you ask me that, on what provisions that can happen, which sub-sections of the law  the authority that you are following to ask Me?. Furthermore, I will have my lawyers scrutinize the rules in which you use to ask me. You as an angel should know that I don’t even know your words used against me. Well, all the time  I use that language just to impress people , I don’t  understand a word of it. Karpal, come here, what the hell is this guy asking. Where am I huh, am I still here and or where am I?, How comes all these people here walk away from my place, how come I am alone here, and where is the light”

K:  “Wikileaks, Brusselsleaks, Openleaks, Juburlicks all these come out of sudden Sir, but you see, I can only use telepathy talking to you now, the third force  is so strong, I could not resist. May be you can or you can’t hear me at all, the line isn’t clear down there, is it?. I am on a tree next to you, ok. Hope my Maxis‘s line is ok up here, can you get me? Or perhaps you call Saudara Nicky, he can answer it for you at no time. He is out of the hospital. That’s what I heard.

A: “Look, Karpal, when I ask this bloke, he said your certificates as a lawyer here aren’t recognized. Did you attend the kind of houseman-ship this country needs before being appointed as a lawyer?, I guess no, he said so. And he said you are the  kind of  third class lawyer, the kind of class in the last coaches of the old Keretapi Tanah Melayu. Btw, did you apply for a panel with this authority to practice here huh?

K: No, not yet, who cares about panel, Sir, all of us have agreed to appoint anyone except Malays on all our panel ship, so don’t worry about it, in fact all our gangsters are on the panel ship, do you want me to call them Sir.

A: “No, no need, this guy said go to hell with your panel ship. Oh my, was he referring to me huh, about going to hell, or what was it, Karpal?

K: “Don’t know, Sir, it was possible, do you want me to postpone the Q&A Sir, what is the benefit of it, on going to hell, after all I believe you are one of people who betrothed by God to this country. How comes God wants and waiting for you in hell?

A: Yes, yes, yes , you are right. God doesn’t do that thing to me lah. BTW, look Karpal, this guy is with a big hammer in his hand. What should I do now?

K: “I told you before, Sir, have you ever listened?  BERTAUBAT.

A: “Ahya Karpal, you main main lah, where got road.

HR: “Kah, Kah, Kah, Kah,


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