The Power of Water and God (Tuhan).

The Human Use of Human Beings
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When God (Tuhan) gives water to an area exceeding the need of its people and plant, the water has the power to kill almost everyone there by creating a flood.  When He gives a lesser amount, its people and the living things will die of thirst.

By making an equilibrium in the water supply during the high and low sessions, man controls dignity of human being and living things either they should die or live. And an act by man in this world however is always an act for getting rewards, in contradistinction to an act by God, to punish or teach human being lessons.

Selangor‘s government is making a fuss about this whole Syabas thing because they want to control  dignity of human beings and the living things in the state of Selangor. By controlling the human being in the state to get rewards in way that please  them most. At the moment, Syabas is controlling your soul and by not paying the fees for water, you will die of thirst, or face uncouth cleanliness or cleanses before you can meet you true God, or face losses in business everyday.

That’s how powerful is the power of water in today’s urban living, the same samples can be found in other urban civilizations such as Roman Empire.

Selangor wants to control human beings, it is a big business for all people who follow this group of people.

Power of God can be seen or sometimes cannot be seen. Nik Aziz says that he could control the will of God, thus Heaven is always for Pas and that some “doa” he committed to all that betrayed him. God always gives time for some people to repent. If you commits sins, a lot of sins, heavy sins, God will show you how you should make good of your sins.

To know human being’s characters sometimes is good to look around you in the group of primates. People tend to follow their characters in time of need. Beruk will lie still as if he is dead, because he knows human beings are pointing guns at him. Until and when these people are away from the place, he wakes up and run into the jungle.

When SPRM hunts through a list of people including the great Javanese man, the former MB of Selangor, many people in the list will follow this beruk’s character, by the very nature of a human being. And you will see some people driven  to hospitals because human beings need medical care especially true when they are acting as a primate.

The thing is this in the above two episodes, man always wants to be a God, controlling you everywhere, so that he can earn better livings than most of you can.

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