Fort Brooke, the first fort in winning on terror in Malaysia.

The moment I drive to Jeli from Cameron Highland towards Kota Bharu for this coming Aidil Fitri visit, I’d always like to let you know my feeling about the driving in the past.

I would start early  in the morning after leaving the hotel room in Cameron Highland together with Noah and the gang of three children just not to miss Fort Brooke. That other day in the afternoon we drove slowly along the NKVE to escape rushing hours of northbound cars.

We normally stop a while at Fort Brooke, the first ever built fort that houses Malaysian Police Field Forcewho had foiled PKM’s terrorists towards devastating  Malaya on world of terror. Roy Follows was the first Brit who had successfully masterminded the win on terror of the day. He had won the heart and mind of Pangoi and his group of Senoi through an add value approach, teaching and developing a decent living style for the group in the area. Also he’d trained the Malay Police to be a force that is recognized as a pioneer in winning against the terrorists. Those were the days when the fort was established in 1954, 3 years before independence.

You can read the history in these narratives of events from Roy Follows here.

BTW, the communists in this part of the jungle was blasted through the team’s hard works which deserve our appreciation and I will make sure my children would see for themselves the struggles of our people before Merdeka, and see how’s Chinese communists had masterminded to win a war against us, both in arm struggle and the struggle for the right to use mother tongue language,  also from 1954.

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