Spitting is habit during Ramadan, but not this one…

Jamón, jamón
Image by wili_hybrid via Flickr

Spitting saliva into the face of a group of people or a person is an act of disrespect to that group of person for whatever reason.  Spitting however is most common among Muslim during fasting month.

Nowadays, this behavior becomes very common among Malays know damn well the existence of FB Melayu Babi, New Wee tube, Tiau Noah Seng drama series, Sekamat Mosque and many more Malay bashing web sites and comments.

Although youngsters may accept this behavior as “whatever” thing, for some people with the 69 army background it is a sign of letting out one’s hatred and may spill into unscrupulous incidents later on.

Since the out of nowhere DAP becomes alive, segregation of the two groups of peopleChinese and Malay, becomes rampant in Selangor, Perak and Penang.  The Malay contractors said that they are sidelined in all government jobs, whilst DAP members, Chinese, were given letters of supports for government jobs.

With the held on the supply of all important good and services in the hand of the Chinese, this spitting business soon will become something else. Moreover, private sector industries that churned up the local economy are tightly held by monopolistic Chinese, this situation is never a nice way to “sambut Merdeka” for almost all flows of income to the Malays are flattened up.  DAP has failed miserably to stop Malays spitting in their faces.

That isn’t the main point, spiting is seen during some breakfast tables when a group of Chinese speaks loudly in a mamak store in the foreign language, Hokkien or whatever.  This act is a show of hatred and in Kelantan this act could end up with a troubled fierce “kapak kecil” fight.  But because out of naïf of the local custom, this act seems to have no Kong Fu effect onto the Chinese. It is one thing that is coming for sure; people are getting fed up with this group for all the reasons.

Both governments, State and Federal should think of a fairer distribution of wealth among all qualified people instead so that the less advantage people the not so elite group, bottom rank of the society gets fed, instead of so many acronyms for the reform drive. It is easy to run a country, as easier to run a small business, if things are made easy and simple.

MTSFM for example, instead of MEB or what not, because too much will make too much spitting on the road during this Ramadan month. BTW- MTSFM means Make Things Simple For Me, please!.

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